🚀 Rocket Relief

Direct peer – peer cash transfers to provide RapidRelief ⚡ to your fellow citizens.

who is affected?

Everyone. But, poor are affected the most.

40 million migrant workers affected

World Bank says Lockdowns, loss of employment, and social distancing prompted a chaotic and painful process of mass return for around 40m internal migrants in India. Read more

Daily wages of 400M in unorganized sector are affected.

In India, nearly 400 million people are employed in the unorganized sector and their livelihood is dependent on daily wages. This includes Small and marginal farmers, landless agricultural labourers, fisherfolk, those engaged in animal husbandry, labelling and packing, weavers, artisans, salt workers, workers in brick kilns and stone quarries, migrant workers, domestic workers, vendors, etc. Full list here. ReBuilding their lives needs needs collaboration between the State, Industry, Philanthropies, and civil society organisations and Citizens like you – to work together and cover the last mile gap

I know i should help – but Why cash transfers?

Direct, Unconditional, Lifelong.

⚡ Cash Transfers Work!

A body of evidence now shows unconditional cash transfers can make substantial positive impacts on the lives of the poor. We have already started hearing small positive victories from early users.

❤ Unconditional Love

Your cash transfer support is unconditional by design. Like a mother’s love for her child. No questions asked. And we know, It works!) Even if giving stops after a year, empathy built lasts forever.

Direct Cash Transfers (INR) as for relief, ReBuild between members

1 to 1 Conversations, Interactions between members

Community of citizen members, NGO Partners

Empathy through deep listening, appreciative inquiries lead by you

Goal: Collective Emapthy

 “[Awaiting consent]”

Rukhiya Begum has been an urban sustainability warrior with and was recommeded to us by our NGO Partner Hasiru Dala. She works as a sorter (waste management and recyling) in Bangalore. She was diagnosed with cancer a year ago but fights it bravely. Covid lockdown has taken away her only source of income.

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