🚀 Rocket Relief

Collective Empathy Fellow citizens helping Fellow Citizens.
Directly – You Pay. We transfer it to their verified account.
  • Thousands of poor and vulnerable have lost their jobs and are struggling to survive. Its time for us as a community to build collective empathy and help each other. We could have been them, they could have been us. Its just luck.
  • Rocket relief is a platform for direct peer to peer cash transfers to help those in need to power through these difficult times. It takes at the most 48 hours to reach them.
  • Your money goes from you directly to the beneficiary so they can us pay for rations, medicines and shelter. We have partnered with nonprofits who add verified beneficiaries to our platform.
  • We have calculated a Weekly bare minimum sustenance amount of INR 500 that each fellow citizen’s family of 2-3 needs for food, medicine and shelter. You can increase the quantity of weeks for each or support different fellow citizens.